Mara Cartotecnica is leader in the production of filling and packaging kraft paper rolls for e-commerce and shipments.

At Mara Cartotecnica you can find everything you’re looking for:
ecological, practical and economical packaging.

You can choose from our wide range of eco-friendly options: recyclable kraft paper, in different grammages and sizes, tissue paper and Cushion Paper made from sustainable materials such as paper and cardboard.

Custom packaging and protection system for your product

→ Our cushion paper is an environmentally friendly substitute of bubble wrap, made entirely of corrugated cardboard with cushioning properties.

→ It is light, versatile and offers exceptional protection,
filling and enveloping thanks to its innovative “wave” shape.

→ Attractive aesthetic design ensures a memorable unboxing experience.

→ Here’s the beauty: once unboxing is finished, you can simply throw everything in the paper collection, without separating the packaging.

Efficient filling of empty spaces in boxes

→ Our 100% recycled kraft paper, is available in different grammages and degrees of smooth.

→ The 70gsm paper is cheap and versatile, ideal for warehouse logistics and large e-commerce.

→ The 90gsm soft paper is perfect delicate products that require extra protection from scratches.

→ Both variants can be personalized with your company name and logo, reinforcing the brand awareness.

Protection with a nice touch

→ If you work in the luxury, clothing, cosmetics or jewelery sector, we highly recommend our tissue paper.

→ This material offers the possibility to be fully customized with logos and images, allowing you to create a memorable experience to your brand and to give a nice touch to your packaging.


Stop the costs for waste material


Less waste with the same quality


Packaging made with 100% recyclable material

Why choose Mara Cartotecnica for your packaging?

Sustainable packaging for your sector

Pharma and drugstores

Food distributors


Hardware store


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