For cash registers is important to use only certified and high quality thermal paper.

Cartotecnica Mara uses thermal paper supplied from the best European paper mills; this guarantees the compatibility with all printers available on the market (IBM, RCH, CUSTOM, SWEDA, OLIVETTI, EPSON, NCR, CORISTECH, EMOTIQ, FASY, DATAPROCESS, SHARP, MICRELEC).
Our standard thermal paper guarantees a 7 year image stability and we are FSC certified. Our strength is the versatility: the ability to produce any kind of size and any kind of quantity requested by customers.

In detail we can print many different images, barcode or QR-code linked to promotions or …

Promotions, discounts, lotteries, product launch are only a few of the aims that a supermarket …

We can print metal scratch to be scratched off for lotteries and promotions.

Customization has spread also in our sector.