Specialty rolls

Thermal paper rolls for discos

THERMAL PAPER ROLLS FOR DISCOS Discos require special thermal paper rolls printed in different colors. REQUEST A QUOTE The main reason is to identify different POS and cash register in order to avoid ticket counterfeit.Thermal paper rolls can be also customized with prints on the backside with advertising, dancing programs and QR-CODE.

Thermal paper rolls for betting

THERMAL PAPER ROLLS FOR BETTING Thermal paper rolls for betting can be produced with any weight (55gr. / 80gr.) in order to be adapted to any printer specification. REQUEST A QUOTE They can also contain anti counterfeiting systems such as QR-CODE, numbered ticket, scratch off and more.

Hydrofix paper rolls for laundries

HYDROFIX PAPER ROLLS FOR LAUNDRIES Hydrofix paper rolls are made with a special paper which can resist to water and chemical detergent used by laundries. REQUEST A QUOTE These paper rolls are available in 8 colors (white, yellow, pink, green, blue, red, orange, violet) and in any size.We can produce also colored thermal paper rolls …

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